Friday, January 25, 2008

Trails in the Laramie Foothills

I recently went for a drive north of Fort Collins with a friend to do some night photography. We found below freezing temperatures and 35+ mph winds. Knowing the odds were stacked against me I persisted and came up with this result.

I used an SB-800 strobe handheld and manually popped off a few on full power to illuminate the foreground a bit and hopefully add some definition to combat blur from the wind. I am glad we stayed, it was an invigorating and fun wind! ;-)))


Nancy said...

Oh nice to meet you (and your blog). Your photos pretty much "floor" me. They are a level beyond many other similar photographs by what you do with them, and how you capture them.

I will surely be back. I'm trying my best to learn how to be better..


Indigo said...

A friend sent me your link to check out your work. Beautifully,serene would best describe what I have seen so far. I hope you continue to update this blog, I can't wait to see what you come up with next. I pretty much just keep my profile on blogger. If you want to check out what I write about I'll leave you my journal address....

Your extremely talented and original in what you do. I tend to lend myself to words as an artform. See you in the wind my friend....(Hugs) Indigo