Monday, July 27, 2009

Worldwide Photowalking Fort Fun Edition

The Fort Collins contingent met on a hot Saturday afternoon at Colorado State University for our part in the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk (over 30,000 walkers worldwide!). I sure had fun meeting you all!

This one is of a fountain next to the Engineering Building that honors Elwood Mead (the same guy lake Mead is named for). I've copied the plaque's inscription below for easy reading in case there's interest.

Elwood Mead

As a member of the Colorado Agricultural College faculty between 1883 and 1888, Elwood Mead established the first instruction in irrigation engineering to be offered by an American college or university. This work provided the foundation for Colorado State University's internationally recognized reputation in water-related research, teaching and service.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Blue Me Around A Tree

Blue Me Around A Tree, originally uploaded by Fort Photo.

So I found this amazing celestial blue centering device out in the grasslands.... no actually what you are looking at is a nearly 40 year old man wrapped up in blue LED Christmas lights (tiny AA battery powered ones from the dollar store) running around a tree in the middle of nowhere at 3 am as fast as he can with out falling down. Yeah, I know. ;-)))

Of note for this shot is that Mars and Venus form a triangle on right with the Pleiades Star Cluster/Seven Sisters. And I need to check my camera's clock. I am thinking since it was showing first light this was actually taken at 4 am.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The Electric Rainbow Acid Test

The Electric Rainbow Acid Test, originally uploaded by Fort Photo.

I'd rather be a lightning rod than a seismograph.

--Ken Kesey as quoted by Tom Wolfe in The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test

Image notes: single exposure/no hdr. An extraordinarily lucky 1/3 of a second. This near double rainbow was quite the buzzer breaker, at this point the sun was already most of the way down.