Wednesday, August 18, 2010

2010 Perseid Meteor Shower Composite

This composite image features the meteors from the Perseids that I caught in roughly an hour of shooting time last Thursday night near peak viewing. You can clearly see the meteors are all traveling along the same line from the Perseid radiant (located near the "Double Star Cluster" of Perseus), a hallmark of meteor showers.

Shot Notes: I set up in Teller County, CO at the Dome Rock State Wildlife Area parking lot. Light pollution was pretty strong but I still managed to have a fun night out! I shot a total of 207 frames at 3200 ISO, f/3.2, 17 seconds for this series. The composite was constructed from 9 of those shots. Two frames provided a bit of foreground illumination/interest via two passing car's headlights and the rest featured the seven meteors you see here. I caught other meteors but they are not included due to likely not being a Perseid or being obscured by clouds. With luck I will upload a time-lapse video and you all can see the clouds and light pollution I was contending with. ;-)))