Saturday, July 07, 2007


Night of the Cranes

I decided to have some fun making a composite. The crane silhouettes were created based on my photos of Sandhill Cranes in flight at Bosque National Wildlife Refuge in New Mexico (some of which I've shared here). The sunset is from this past week in the mountains above Fort Collins, Colorado. And finally the full moon was borrowed from my Phases of a Total Lunar Eclipse image featured here long ago. It was fun making this, I hope you enjoy.


tiffini elektra x said...

Amazing. Very well done. The moon shows off that cute little crane head so perfectly. Great colors and those different tree silhouettes are awesome.

Fernando said...

Hi Michael,

this is the second time i'm triyng to reach you. I'm speaking for ArtLuz Studio in Brazil (, and as said before on the e-mail we sent you, we're interested in using one of your photos in a campaing. If you still got that e-mail with the information just reply to that same adress, and please make sure to ad your phone number so we can make negociattions faster. In case you've lost it or didn't receive it please lest us know by writting us at

Fernando Azevedo

Michael said...

Thanks for the heads up Fernando, I've replied to the email yesterday and am interested in licensing my image to ArtLuz Studio. Let me know if you didn't get my response.