Sunday, March 18, 2007

Pawnee Pond Pondering

The incredible sunset we had in Colorado Friday night seen here from a small pond in Pawnee National Grassland. No filters were used save a neutral density grad, and besides denoise and a slight levels adjustment I used very little post-processing. Shown both right side up and vertically flipped/upside down, can you tell which way is up?


Eric said...

Fantastic Mike. These are awesome. Love them. Was this spot part of the big burn in Pawnee this weekend? Oh, and I'm going to go with the one on top being the upright photo? But I honestly can't tell for sure. Anyway, very nice.

Michael said...

@Eric, thanks so much for your kind words. This was taken on Friday night before the burns and I don't think any were planned for the immediate vicinity.

You are correct with your guess, good job. If you carefully look at the larger size of the images you can just barely make out a weed in the pond reflecting that is the give away, heh. :-)