Monday, November 06, 2006

Teton Superlatives

Teton Point Bliss

Moose Matinee


Lee said...

Love the moose. How did you get so close? Or are they that tame up there? D70 did a good job on it appears too.

Michael said...

@Lee, well I'm using a 300 F4 w/1.4 converter and have the D70 crop factor at work here as well so I'm fairly far away actually. But I will say that I saw way too many people getting way too close to the wildlife for my comfort. I ended up not taking as many wildlife shots because I felt guilty harassing the wildlife with everyone else heh. Another place where we saw moose there were actually two guys running around right by a massive bull moose and that freaked me out.

Eric said...

Hey Mike,,,long time no see. You have been very busy and out having fun I see. I really like this teton longshot there. Nice time of the year. You can almost smell the fresh air. Talk to you soon