Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Cold, Wet and Super-Saturated

Saturated colors that is. We went on a rafting trip this past weekend up on the Colorado River in the Gore Canyon area. We rafted 12 miles down the river and spent nearly that entire time in the rain. There were a few who were cold, but I really enjoyed the day and especially enjoyed the intense colors the diffuse cloud-lighting brought out.

Here is the Colorado River at the mouth of Upper Gore Canyon where the river quickly turns into world-class rapids upstream from here:

On Sunday we decided to drive the scenic route home over Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park. It was quite the storm, with some pretty serious wind and cold. We had rain, sleet and mist all at the same time when I took this next photo. The hill with rocks in the background would disappear into the clouds every few moments while we were there.

I like the dark moody feel. Best viewed large (click on photo)!

Here's another from Trail Ridge (again, best viewed large) :

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Eric said...

Great pics man. I really like that middle one with the mist and clouds. Hmm its about 102 degrees right now. I'd definitely say that looks like the place to be. I'm jealous of all of your experiences to such magical places. I need to get my ass in the mountains more often. You remind me of that weekly. Have a great week.